We know how important this choice is to you. Most of our candidates have a degree in teaching or in a related area. If the candidate does not have a full four-year degree, they will have extensive childcare experience.


The duties of a full-time or part-time Nanny can include:

  • Basic care and attention to children, making sure the children are safe and supported in their learning.
  • Preparing meals for the children.
  • Driving children to school, appointments and activities.
  • Laundering children’s clothes.
  • Tidying up with the children.
  • Enriching children’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.
  • Tutoring and helping with homework.
  • Initiating and participating in enriching activities.
  • Playing sports and exercising.
  • Story time and reading.
  • Traveling with the family or staying over as needed while parents travel.


Compensation for a NannyQuest Nanny is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience your Nanny brings to the position, and the duties included in the Nanny job description. We can help you determine the appropriate compensation that will work for your family and the Nanny.