Leaving your kids for a night out is stressful enough. As if finding a sitter, making reservations, and picking out an outfit to wear (for your husband too, if he is anything like mine) wasn’t hard enough, you also need to keep in mind that you should provide the necessary information for your nanny or babysitter in the event that there is an emergency while you are away. But where should you even start? NannyQuest nanny agency Atlanta GA is here to help you with a convenient checklist to ensure that you haven’t left anything out, just in case your nanny needs resources in the event of an emergency or something unexpected happening:

  • Your Contact Info – This includes you and your partner’s full names and phone numbers.
  • Emergency Contacts – This includes the names and phone numbers of family members, neighbors, or friends who could speak on your behalf if you cannot be reached.  
  • Family Doctor, Dentist, etc. – This contact might only be useful if your child has an emergency during regular working hours, although some doctors and dentists have emergency out-of-office phone services. The number for poison control and the local hospital might also be good to leave, however, any real emergency should result in a call to 911.
  • A Fire Plan – A map or a detailed explanation explaining how to exit the house in case of a fire. Also note where fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, flashlights, first aid kits, circuit breakers, and water shutoffs are located.
  • Medical Information – Outline basic medical information about your child that your babysitter might need to know, like food allergies, drug allergies, general allergies, medical conditions, special medications they need, etc.
  • Schedules – Kids are most comfortable when they have a regular routine, especially babies. Leave a detailed schedule laying out when your child eats their meals, when they go to bed, and what their bedtime routine involves.
  • List of Basic Stuff And Where To Find It – Include information on where to find things like extra clothes and pajamas, books and toys, and bath supplies.
  • House Rules – Lay out all of your ground rules for both the babysitter and your children.
  • Information About Your Outing – This includes where you will be, including the address and phone number in case you need to be reached, what time you expect to be home, and when you’ll call to check on your babysitter, if necessary. 
  • Pet Care – Make sure your sitter knows your pet’s names, as well as their food and bathroom routines. 

NannyQuest Nanny Agency Atlanta GA

While this may seem like a lot of information to put together at once, almost all of it can be reused every time you use a sitter. Making a binder with all of this information is a convenient way to keep everything organized and together in one place, where it can be easily found if there is an actual emergency. To inquire about nanny’s for hire through NannyQuest nanny agency Atlanta GA, contact us today!